Market Sizing: Bus Services


To obtain the market size of public and private bus services in Singapore, Japan, Australia, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, and Vietnam to inform investors.

Early Findings


Western Australia



Summary of our Early Findings Relevant to the Goals

Our initial one-hour research was extensive. We were unable to identify the annual report for Australia, but found some reports for the different provinces. Most of our time was spent analyzing the various reports and searching for collective data. We searched through various media sites in hope that there was some news reported on the state of the transport system in Australia.

Although most of our time was spent searching for information, we know that our analysts can provide conglomerated information from the different provinces ins Australia to provide a total overview of this industry.

We also conducted a quick research on the other countries which has informed our proposed strategy scope below.

Proposed next steps:

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Following our initial research, we propose that we provide 6-7 insights into the bus transport industry in these markets: Singapore, Japan, Australia, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, and Vietnam. In our insights, we will address any or all of the following, depending on availability. The total annual spend on company staff transport, the ridership for public buses, the number of public and private buses, the passenger cost per ride on public buses, the cost to charter a private bus, and the number of companies that provide staff transport
Additionally, we propose continued research in determining the annual public bus transport revenue, revenue from fares, and the annual corporate staff transport-spend for each market.