Market Sizing Data


The goal is to find specific data for a set of questions relating to the Brazilian population, spending, and overall fantasy sports.

Early Findings

  • There are over 17 million pay TV contracts that are currently active in Brazil. The number of people with pay TV contracts has gone down 4.27% over the last year.
  • Pay TV providers in Brazil include Oi, which costs R$ 270 per month, Sky, which ranges from R$ 90 to 360 per month, and Vivo, which ranges from R$ 115 to 230 per month.
  • In 2018, the ARPU for mobile voice plan users was R$ 6.56 and for mobile data plan users was R$ 15.54.
  • The number of people that are of "working age", or 15-65, in Brazil is 148,150,776 .
  • While we did not find the number of Brazilians that are soccer fans, we did find information showing that less people are interested in soccer now than they were during the 1994 World Cup.
  • Netflix has over 12 million subscribers in Brazil, which brings a revenue of R$ 4.5 billion.

Research proposal:

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