Marketing Automation Platforms


To identify marketing automation platforms for small to medium-sized businesses to inform a new business pitch.

Early Findings


  • In this modern world, traditional strategies are not guaranteed to produce results.
  • One major pain-point that 63% of marketers experience is generating traffic toward their various platforms.
  • For this reason, marketers are increasingly investing in automation.
  • This source gives us a list of marketing automation platforms.



  • User satisfaction is 96% and it is scored at 9.3 by Finance Online Reviews for Business.
  • Their marketing automation platform allows one to;
  • Extensive marketing solutions: This solution covers the needs of brands across industries.
  • Flexible: Their products can be separated and purchased individually.
  • Usability: In comparison to other platforms, the ability to separate these platforms into multiple products makes it less complex.
  • Quick and easy setup: The setup process is fast, comprehensive, and easy to install.
  • Pricing: Over the years, the cost has been increasing.
  • No CRM: It does not have an in-built CRM, even though its products can integrate with other relationship management platforms.
  • Speed: Even thought the set-up speed is pretty fast, customers complain that the software is generally sluggish.


  • It is scored at 9.0 by Finance Online Reviews for Business and has 93% positive reviews online.
  • Optomizely allows marketing teams to better their customers' experience by first experimenting and testing their ideas.
  • This platform also enables marketers to make data-driven decisions in real time.

Proposed next steps:

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Our research has revealed that information on marketing automation platforms is available. We propose continued research to populate the spreadsheet with 2-3 marketing automation platforms designed for small to medium-sized businesses. This is the link to the spreadsheet. (