Research Outline

Marketing Platform Research - Online Questions


Find the top 15 'most answered' and the top 10 'unanswered' questions about 6 of the most common marketing platforms and tools. Explain how we define 'answered' and 'unanswered' and profile those who asked and also engaged with the questions.

Early Findings

Google Ads
  • On online forum WebmasterWorld, one of the most engaging recent topics were users questioning the efficiency of, and sharing experiences of AdWords. There appears to be a gap in the knowledge of many users about how to make this particular feature perform as desired.
  • Other engaging topics suggested users may have some issues with understanding the best strategy for using keywords in the most optimal way, and could benefit from some guidance in this area.
  • Users commenting on Wordstream's (a community of online advertising specialists) articles required more information on certain features, such as Google video snippets.
Facebook/Instagram Ads
  • Online forum Warrior features a recent engaging thread suggesting some users are in need of some guidance on how to use the platform to build cost-effective laser-targeted email lists.
  • The Fastlane Forum had engaging threads about specific features, such as creating custom audiences.
  • A recent Q&A session with Lee Goldberg of Vector Media Group on strategy specific issues, such as how to perform A/B testing, whether to put URLs in the text information, recommendations for how long ads should be left running and many more.
  • bizadmark recently featured their list of 31 most asked Facebook Ad questions.
  • The Two Lauras provided an article on the 7 most commonly asked Facebook ad questions.