Research Proposal

Marketing Stats


To investigate the impact of awareness marketing, PR/social proof, and enhanced product page in order to justify a marketing investment.

Early Findings

Brand Awareness

  • According to a Nielsen survey, a brand whose share of voice (SOV) is greater than its share of market (SOM) should gain market share, given that all else remains the same.
  • Share of voice is defined as "recommendations by personal acquaintances and consumer opinions".
  • B2B marketers have aimed brand awareness as the top goal over the past 5 years, with 89% of B2B marketers stating that brand awareness is the most important goal followed by sales and lead generation.

Social Proof

  • 90% of consumers think information provided by peers or reviews is more important than that provided by a salesperson.
  • 94% of consumers would use a business with a 4-star rating.

Enhanced Content

  • More than 80% of users who are unable to find product data loose trust in the brand and abandon cart.
  • Product content has known to increase sales by up to 20%.
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