Research Outline

Current MarTech Industry Trends


To provide insights into the main current trends in the marketing technology industry, including trends surrounding the tech platforms dominating the space and any data regarding the personnel aspect of marketing technology integration.

Early Findings

MarTech Industry Trends

Emerging Technologies

  • Emerging technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), virtual reality (VR), biometrics, augmented reality (AR), and AI & bots are creating a new world of possibilities in the MarTech industry.
  • According to the WARC-BDO Marketing Technology survey of US and UK based marketers, 24-30% of respondents indicated that they would include these technologies in their 2020 marketing strategy.
  • Marketers have been experimenting with these emerging technologies for product launches and innovation. For example, Twitter Acquired Fabula, an AI startup, to help improve its machine learning capabilities.

Marketing Improvement due to AI

  • The advancement of artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming more relevant in the MarTech space and will improve all aspects of marketing. Nearly half (49%) of the companies within this industry already have an AI strategy.
  • According to Microsoft, early AI strategy adopters in the UK have reported a "5% improvement in productivity, performance, and enterprise outcomes compared to those without an AI strategy."
  • AI was anticipated to make every marketing brief in 2020 more relevant while providing more context. The increasing need for AI in the MarTech industry can be attributed to its ever-growing marketing applications such as customer engagement and service improvement and providing deeper insights to improve personalization.
  • According to Adobe's latest Digital Intelligence Briefing, top-performing companies are more than twice as likely to use AI in their marketing efforts. Also, 88% of interviewed marketers disclosed that AI would enable them to meet their targets more effectively.

Technology Platforms Dominating the Space

  • Some leading MarTech companies and tools include ContentGrow, HubSpot CRM, Treasure Data, Typeform, Adobe, Oracle, Salesforce, and Crisp.