Research Proposal

Mass Mutual Competitors: CSR


To find out who Mass Mutual's top competitors are, along with their corporate social responsibility (CSR) commitments

Early Findings



  • Prudential Financial provides insurance, investment management, annuities, and other financial services.
  • They were established in 1875 and work primarily out of their Newark, New Jersey based office. They made $64.8 billion in revenue, and have over 49,000 employees.
  • Prudential is big on community development and youth employment. They sponsor YouthBuild, a program that helps unemployed and otherwise unengaged youth aged between 16 to 24 to find pathways to meaningful employment by learning construction skills.
  • Prudential is also the largest benefactor to the Mercury Fund, a UNICEF-led initiative that provides disaster prevention, risk reduction and relief services whenever needed.
  • Prudential is also in partnership with the Taproot Foundation. Prudential employees regularly provide pro bono legal services to Taproot's social change clients.

Liberty Mutual Insurance

  • Liberty Mutual Insurance provides insurance products and solutions for businesses and individuals.
  • Established in 1912, they are headquartered in Boston and made $41.6 billion in revenue. They have 50,000 employees.
  • Liberty Mutual work with Bridge Over Troubled Waters and A Way Home America, organizations that provide homeless, runaway and at-risk youth with feeding, shelter, and opportunities for upward social and economic mobility.
  • They also work with More Than Words, a not-for-profit social enterprise that empower foster care system, court involved, homeless, or out of school youth by giving them business and soft skills training and preparing them for a life in entrepreneurship.


  • Progressive is a public insurance organization that provides personal, commercial automobile, property, casualty insurance and other related services.
  • Established in 1937, they are headquartered in Ohio and made $38.8 billion in revenue. They have over 37,000 employees.
  • Progressive currently manage a program called Keys to Progress. This program honors veterans and veterans organizations with vehicle donations. They have donated over 700 vehicles so far.
  • Hundreds of employees of the company volunteer their time and expertise to help students better understand the benefits of developing skills in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) and how to apply these skills to real-life situations. This program is called the STEM Progress program.
  • Progressive have also committed to reducing paper consumption and diverting waste from landfills in order to manage their consumption of natural resources and reduce carbon emissions.
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