Research Proposal

Mass Produced Small Electric Vehicles


To identify small 1 - 2 seater mass-produced electric vehicles available for sale in the States.

Early Findings

Our preliminary findings indicate that there are no manufacturers or distributors of small 1 - 2 seater electric vehicles currently operating in the US. Below are some of our findings:

  • Smart Cars, a division of Daimler, used to create and market 2-seater electric vehicles in the United States. However, it announced that it would no longer market the 2-seater variant in the country as from 2019 due to declining sales and Americans' preference for larger SUVs.
  • The Scion IQ, which was available in a two-seater electric variant, was also pulled out of the US market in 2015. Toyota cited low sales and interest in the micro-car segment as the primary reason for moving the Scion IQ line outside the country.
  • Several automakers offer small two-seater electric vehicles outside the US. A popular manufacturer of micro electric vehicles, Honda, refused to market its popular micro EV in the US citing low range and interest.
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