Mattress Purchase Decisions


To identify the decision maker for mattress purchases in economy and mid-scale hotels. Examples of mid-scale hotels are Mainstay Suites, Quality Inn, and Sleep Inn. Examples of economy hotels are Econo Lodge, Rodeway Inn, Suburban Extended Stay. Additionally, to determine what the decision makers care about when it comes to purchasing mattresses. This information would be used to understand whom to influence in order to sell mattresses and how to shift messaging for this market.

Early Findings

Decision maker for mattress purchases in economy and mid-scale hotels

  • In economy hotels, the general manager makes furniture, fixtures, and equipment purchase decisions and the main factor influencing pruchase decisions is the price.
  • The hotels presented: Mainstay Suites, Quality Inn, and Sleep Inn, Econo Lodge, Rodeway Inn, and Suburban Extended Stay are all Choice Hotel brands. Choice Hotels doesn't make actual purchases for brands within their group, this is handled by individual properties.
  • However, Choice Hotels has a Procurement Services Department which provides support to the hotels by enabling owners and general managers to buy appropriate supplies and resources for their hotel operations in the most cost-effective and efficient way.
  • The Procurement Services Department considers hundreds of potential vendors to select those that meet criteria such as nationwide distribution, competitive pricing, and strong experience with hospitality clients.

What matters to decision makers

  • While providing a quality guest experience is important to mid-scale and limited-service hotels when it comes to furniture, fixtures, and equipment. The primary purchase considerations are the price, durability, and total cost of ownership and messaging has to be centered around these.
  • Messaging needs to present the same item in a different context in order to effectively target mid-scale and economy hotels.
  • Product mix and price points differ for up-scale hotels compared to mid-scale and economy hotels. While this might mean lower margins for mid-scale and economy, there is more volume at the lower end of the market.


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