Research Outline

Mattress Toppers


The goal is to determine which of the two provided mattress toppers is the best choice for a fold-out couch, and for storing when not in use.

Early Findings

  • The ViscoSoft topper has many more reviews than the UTTU topper, 1,338 and 429 respectively. This means that many more people have tried and loved the ViscoSoft topper.
  • The ViscoSoft topper, according to user reviews, is not meant to be folded and stored, but it can be forced into storage containers or rolled up and used again as it comes rolled up in the first place.
  • One user reported that the UTTU topper does fold well or roll up for storage.
  • 71% of both topper reviews are five-star on Amazon.
  • The ViscoSoft topper features gel ventilation, where the UTTU topper does not.
  • A similar ViscoSoft topper was rated as one of the best foam mattress toppers by NY Mag.
  • The UTTU topper was mentioned on Review Geek as one of the best foam mattress toppers.
  • There are memory foam mattress toppers that are meant to be folded and stored, such as this one.

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