Research Outline

Meal Planning


The goal is to understand the meal planning market in the US by looking at market size, pain points, trends, and popular apps.

Early Findings

  • One study found that people often stop meal planning because they feel overwhelmed with the whole process.
  • People tend to shy away from meal prepping during the recipe-finding phase because they are put off by long or complicated recipes.
  • 51% of people say Wednesday is their most likely day of the week to resort to convenient meal kits instead of their own planned recipes.
  • 51% of Millennials show interest in meal planning, which is almost four-times as likely as Baby Boomers at 16%.
  • The hashtag #mealprepping has been used over 500,000 times on Instagram.
  • Four apps that focus on simplifying and organizing meal prep are Mealime, Cozi, Lala Lunchbox, and BigOven.