Menstruation: Media and Influencers


To obtain a list of media and influencers talking about the period category. More specifically, who is talking about the associated symptoms of periods including cramps, bloating, fatigue and/or irritability. To determine how many times has Midol been covered in the past year in order to inform a new business pitch.

Early Findings


1. Menstrupedia

2. Lunette Blog

3. GladRags Gab


  • Our research on influencers reveals campaigns around the topic.
  • One such campaign that was run with the help of various influencers ins the "I'm on. Period" campaign.
  • This campaign intended on bringing conversations to a topic that has long been shamed.
  • This is an example of how influencers can turn a taboo into a trend.
  • The campaign printed several t-shirts with various phrases: I’m on and I’m strong; I’m on the up; I’m on. Period; I’m on cloud nine; I’m on it; and I’m on a roll.

Proposed next steps:

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