Media Consumption - Health Professionals


The offline and online media habits, interests, and psychographics of medical professionals in Germany, Sweden, and France, including their media consumption habits and social media use.

Early Findings


  • Ipsos surveyed health professionals in France, including pharmacists, medical specialists, and general practitioners to see the sources of information they prefer.
  • The study showed that 91% of medical professionals in France use their computer daily, while 76% use their smartphone, and 59% use their tablet daily for professional purposes.
  • In terms of their most preferred sources of information, 84% selected the specialized press (press focused on their professional fields), while 76% chose direct exchanges with their colleagues, and 66% selected publications of official bodies.
  • Regarding what they prioritize using their internet for, 92% selected seeking scientific information on pathologies , while 91% chose carrying out administrative procedures, and 78% mentioned keeping informed of the latest news related to their profession .
  • It appears more specialist doctors leverage social networks than general practitioners and pharmacists. Almost 50% of specialist doctors in France use LinkedIn, compared to 30% of general practitioners, and 14% of pharmacists.


  • Within our initial hour of research, we were able to find and provide limited information on the media consumption of healthcare professionals in France. However, the same information could not be found for Sweden and Germany despite thorough research in their respective official languages.

Proposed next steps:

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