Competitors: Midol


To determine how media is talking about period category, associated symptoms beyond cramps, and Midol in general. Additionally, determine major competitors of Midol, their competitive advantage, and details about any other drug (like tylenol, advil, etc) breaking into the period conversation too. This information will be used for a new business pitch.

Early Findings

As we dove into the background research, we reviewed several credible databases including news journals, magazine articles, and others. Most of the discussion in the media about periods is focused on the symptoms, remedies to cure, and alternatives to Midol. However, most of the press releases focus on home remedies as alternatives to Midol. The major competitors of Midol that we were able to determine within our first hour of research are Pamprin and Advil. Excluding Midol, Advil (ibuprofen) seems to be breaking into the period conversation too. A summary of our findings is provided below:


  • US News in an article published on October 16, 2019, seems to focus on the harms of irregular menstrual cycles. It claims that women whose menstrual cycles persistently vary have a shorter life span.
  • The article focuses on a study that claims that women with irregular periods are as much as a one-third higher risk of death as compared to women with normal periods.


  • Women's Health Magazine in an article published on January 8, 2018, discusses six weird period symptoms beyond cramps.
  • The symptoms include feeling bloated and fatty, cravings for red meat, feeling of quitting a bad habit like smoking, increased breast sensitivity and tenderness, feeling out of breath than usual running, and chocolate cravings.


  • The Nation in an article published on May 10, 2018, seems to be discussing the heavy lifetime prices women spend on Midol and Advil.


  • The Nation in an article claims that Midol and Advil supplies cost as much as $4500 over a lifetime.
  • Jezebel in an article discusses how Advil is marketing its basic Ibuprofen as "Advil Menstrual Pain".

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