Research Outline

Marketing Strategies for New Podcasts


To provide additional marketing strategies to expand and promote a new podcast.

Early Findings

Email Marketing

  • Up and coming podcasts should invest time and resources in email marketing as it is an effective form of reaching the target audience. While social media is an effective marketing tool, email marketing has more returns on investment (ROI), than any other digital marketing platform.
  • Email marketing is also cost-effective. Also, unlike most social media platforms, email marketing is not limited by algorithms.
  • Content creators should first identify their audience and their needs before sending emails to customers. By establishing what is valuable to the target audience and creating a rapport with the audience, new podcasts can yield the ideal results.
  • Email marketing is also a personal approach as content creators are approaching their clients in a more personal space compared to social media feed. With such privilege, content creators should, therefore, aim to reward these clients with appropriate incentives such as special promotions and advance access tickets to events.

SEO Technique