Research Outline

Medicare Advantage Brokerage Market


To create a competitive landscape of next gen Medicare Advantage brokers/FMOs/EMOs.

Early Findings


  • GoHealth's annual revenue in 2019 was $540 million. It has a 10% share of the market.
  • The company has approximately 1,000 employees.
  • GoHealth's mission is "To improve access to healthcare in America."
  • The company also sells Medicare Supplement and Prescripion Drug Plans.
  • GoHealth's marketing channels include television, radio, SEO, paid search advertising, social media, e-mail, telemarketing, and display.
  • Go health derives "a significant portion of our website traffic from consumers who search for health insurance through Internet search engines and through social media."
  • Go Health spent $21,634,000 in marketing and advertising in 2019.
  • The company has an average rating of 4.8 out of 5-stars.