Research Outline

UK Home Builder Market


To determine the volume and market share of four sectors of the UK home builder market: 5,000+ plots per year, 800-5,000 plots per year, 200-800 plots per year, and less than 200 plots per year. Additionally, for the 200-800 plot market, obtain a map that shows quality housing versus budget housing for the sector.

Early Findings

  • According to a 2019 report, the five largest builders in the UK based on number of houses sold are Barratt (17,579 homes), Persimmon (16,449), Taylor Wimpey (14,933), Bellway (10,307), and Redrow (5,718). These were the only builders with more than 5,000 plots.
  • The next six biggest builders fall in the 800-5,00 range and are Countryside (4,295), Galliford Try (4,193), Bovis (3,759), Berkeley (3,678), Crest Nicholson (3,020), and McCarthy Stone (2,134).
  • It was reported in April 2019 that the top nine home builders in the UK held land to build more than 800,000 homes.
  • This report from Hardman & Co. provides data form the home builder market in 2019 and makes projections for 2020.
  • The Home Builders Federation in the UK publishes a list of member house builders. There appear to be about 220 total (22 pages of 10 each). Another list from has 620 results, as inclusion is not dependent on membership.
  • In 2019, the construction output index for private housing in the UK was 118.7 million. This chart shows the housing starts breakdown by region (England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland).
  • For the year ended June 2019, there were 173,660 new homes built in the UK.
  • According to and IBISWorld report, the residential building construction market in the UK is £75billion, with a total of 51,205 businesses.
  • This report by Inside Housing provides data on the top 50 biggest housing associations in the UK. This report also breaks down the completions by type of tenure: social rent, affordable rent, low-cost home ownership, intermediate rent, market sale, and other tenure.

Summary of Findings

  • Although our initial research uncovered a great deal of data on the UK home building industry, no data was found specific to the number of plots built by smaller builders.
  • The top five home builders in the UK built a total of 64,986 (17579+16449+14933+10307+5718) homes. This is 37.42% (64,986/173,660*100) of the total homes built for the year ending June 2019. "Small house builders account for around just 10% of the total of new house builds, which displays how the market is completely dominated by the big boys." Many of these builders focus on small residential builds, rather than the public sector.
  • While several maps were found that highlighted areas where inexpensive houses could be found, none found were broken out by the size of the builder. Map examples can be seen here and here.
  • Based on our initial research, data on the house building market by number of plots does not appear to be publicly available.
  • We do believe there is likely to be more data on the different types of housing (quality versus budget), but it will be for the industry overall, not based on builder size.
  • Regarding the following research recommendations, the number of data points suggested for each research path varies on how niche a topic is and the availability of data found in the initial research.