Peer-to-Peer Beauty Brands in the U.S


To establish a general audit on the competitive space for peer to peer beauty brands such as Avon and how they are performing in the industry, the kind of advertising they do, and the overall skincare trends in the U.S today.

Early Findings

Avon’s Breast Cancer Crusade

  • As peer-to-peer beauty brands continue to become competitive, brands such as Avon are looking for marketing and advertising strategies that will position them in a better light.
  • New Avon LLC designed two campaigns to fundraise for breast cancer awareness and cause.
  • As a result, Avon managed to appeal to the general public, which feels the need to support the brand by buying beauty products, so they can keep up the philanthropy.
  • Avon's representatives have also used this campaign to increase sales for the company, to the general public.
  • Mary Kay Direct Advertising

Proposed next steps:

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