Men's Concealer Pricing


The goal is to find a competitive profile of War Paint men's concealer, as well as a list of prices for similar men's concealers.

Early Findings

  • War Paint products are cruelty-free and vegan.
  • War Paint has a revenue of 48.5 million GBP.
  • War Paint offers men's concealer for 18 GBP or a set with concealer, an application sponge, and moisturizer for 37 GBP.
  • Tom Ford offers a .08 ounce stick of men's concealer for $45.
  • Menaji CAMO concealer for men costs $29 for a "lip balm-sized container".
  • Formen under eye concealer has three colors and costs $28.
  • Kode men's concealer costs $14 for a stick.

Proposed next steps:

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