Men's Watch Industry Trends


Gain an understanding of market trends in the U.S. men's mid-range watch market.

Early Findings


Mechanical Preferred Over Smart Watches

  • While the tech wearables space has grown, people have become increasingly interested in mechanical watches in the men's watch space.
  • Specifically, the focus is on the craftsmanship that goes into making mechanical watches.
  • Mechanical watches tend to be preferred over smart watches in the mid to high end of the watch market.

Unique Colors

  • In late 2019, it was noted that unique and different color watches would reign in the men's watch space, as consumers become 'bored of the usual'.
  • Two key colors in 2019 were rose gold and blue.
  • Brands will look to diversify by adding hints of bright color and rainbow and pink gold on metals.

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