Men's Watch Industry Trends


To obtain a better understanding of how watch brands are market trends (i.e. vintage-style, mechanical, unique coloring) via online, print, and other mediums in order to inform the business plan and identify potential opportunities for Jack Mason.

Early Findings

It is worth noting that watch brands sometimes integrate trends together into one product, perhaps to provide better value or to better construct a campaign.


This watchmaker has established a multiple-branch campaign called #SQUADONAMISSION. Under this name, Breitling has created four “squads” that spotlight leaders from the worlds of aviation, exploration, cinema, and sport. Brand representatives include ISS astronaut Scott Kelly, actor Brad Pitt, adventurer-ecologist David Mayer de Rothschild, and surfer champion Kelly Slater among others. Breitling has selected a different set of watches that best match the essence of each squad and their professional work.


This watchmaker has capitalized on the coloring trend to retain their recognizable geometric design while diversifying their audience. Their Instagram includes content that matches colors with profession or culture-specific elements (i.e. army camouflage, Japanese fortune cat).


The penmaker and goods designer has expanded from writing utensils to watches and leather, but still retains a more traditional approach to luxury goods. Campaigns include augmented paper for a cloud-friendly handwritten experience to their Product (RED) collaboration campaign, Inspi(RED). Their watchmaking preserves the integrity of Swiss manufacturing techniques combined with their traditional philosophy. The Bohème line showcases minimal feminine design that hints at a larger theme. Summit 2 remains their only smart--albeit still minimalist model targeted at the sophisated mobile man.

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