Jack Mason


To prove that Jack Mason is equally a competitive brand and an alternative to luxury brands.

Early Findings

Jack Mason

  • Jack Mason is an all-American brand makes watches that level up to Swiss makers in terms of quality, while selling at a relatively lower price than their Swiss counterparts, without compromising its value.
  • As a relatively new brand to the watchmaking market, Jack Mason merges both the classic and modern designs, to give an international appeal.
  • Blending both American themes with sleek modern designs, in addition to attention to detail, makes the brand marketable appealing to both the US and the global market.


  • The Shinola brand, through classic pieces, attempts to awaken nostalgia among its clientele. The pieces are oddly similar to classic Rolex pieces such as Submariner and Daytona, among others.
  • However, the Shinola line has had controversies, most of them stemming from whether the brand is truly American as the production facility includes an assembly line where the assembly line is shipped from outside the U.S, including Asia.
  • Even though the pieces share various similarities with Rolex, the major difference is notable in quality and pricing.

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