Research Proposal

Menstruation Activists and Influencers


To obtain a list of influencers and/or activists focused on menstruation.

Early Findings



  • Jen Lewis is an artist and period activist who has used her menstrual blood in a number of art installations. The project is titled "Beauty in Blood".
  • "The blood you see in every piece is her own, poured from her menstrual cup into the water, where you can witness the unique flow and free movement of the liquid."
  • Her Instagram profile can be found here.
  • Her Twitter profile can be found here.



  • Rupi Kaur is a Canadian activist, author, and poet who often discusses menstruation in her writing.
  • Kaur didn't truly become involved in menstrual activism until 2015, when she posted a photo of herself bleeding through her pajamas on Instagram, in an attempt to reduce period-focused shaming. The photo was taken down twice, but was eventually reinstated with an apology from Instagram.
  • The photo is now part of a series which is displayed on Kaur's website.
  • Her Instagram profile can be found here.
  • Her Twitter profile can be found here.


  • Kiran Gandhi is likely best-known as the runner who free-bled during the London Marathon in 2015, which she did "to raise awareness for those who can’t afford menstrual products and have to hide their period away, and for those who feel ashamed talking about their periods and pretend like it doesn’t exist".
  • Gandhi has since written about the experience.
  • Gandhi is a musical artist who describes herself as working "to elevate and celebrate the female voice".
  • Her Twitter profile can be found here.
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