Market Size: ED, Birth Control, Hair Loss, & Mental Illness


To obtain the market size for the mental health (with a breakout of services and drugs), erectile dysfunction, hair loss, and birth control industries.

Early Findings

Erectile Dysfunction

  • The market size globally for erectile dysfunction is valued at $4.28 billion.  
  • The key factor driving growth is the increase in chronic diseases globally, mostly those focused on sedentary lifestyles such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, obesity, and high blood pressure.

Birth Control

  • The market size is projected to have annual growth of 5.9%, increasing to $31. 6 million by 2025.
  •  Key driving factors for growth are government promotion of family planning in emerging nations and number of women in these nations seeking methods to avoid pregnancy increasing.

Hair Loss Treatment

  • The US market size for hair loss treatment manufacturing is currently $3.8 billion. 
  • The annual market growth between 2015-2020 was 0.2%. 
  • Annual growth globally was more slightly rapid, with a CAGR of 3.6%.  
  • For a slightly different view of the industry, we found a report on the global Hair Loss Products Market that provided a CAGR of 6% in the industry from 2019 to 2025. Unfortunately, the market size was not publicly available.
  • There were several conflicting reports on the global alopecia market size, with Grand View Research giving a 2019 market size of $2.6 billion, Reports and Data reporting a market size of $12.99 billion in 2026 based on a CAGR of 5.1% from 2019-2026, and Acumen reporting a 2018 market size of $8.44 billion. These are all reputable market research companies and the differences likely come down to the details of what is included in each.

Mental Health

  • According to Acumen Research & Consulting, in 2018 the global behavioral health market size was $197 billion ($240 billion/1.025^8). This market size does not include pharmacological solutions, so it is the market size for mental health services only.
  • Acumen projected the global CAGR (compound annual growth rate) for the industry from 2018-2026 to be 2.5%.
  • GMI Research also reported on the global behavioral health market, and they gave the 2018 market size as $133.2 billion. In this report, the CAGR from 2019-2026 is expected to be 4.0%, to reach a market size of $182.1 billion in 2026.
  • This podcast from May 2020 analyzed eight IBISWorld reports (family counseling & crisis intervention services; psychiatric hospitals; mental health & substance abuse clinics; psychologists, social workers, and marriage counselors; alternative healthcare providers; mental health and start up abuse centers; behavioral therapists; and drug & rehab clinics) in the mental health market in the U.S. to determine an estimate of the U.S. mental health market. This process gave an estimate of the U.S. mental health market size of $160 billion.

Summary of Findings

  • Market size data was found for all four areas of interest, although in some cases conflicting data was found.
  • The focus was mostly global, although some U.S. specific data was included when found.
  • The data for hair loss focused on hair loss manufacturing as that was what was publicly available. Although data on the CAGR for the global hair loss products market was found, nothing was found on the market size in the initial research.
  • In order to provide further research in the area of hair loss, information would be needed on exactly what types of hair loss are of interest, The market sizes appear to be different for alopecia (hair loss anywhere on the body) as compared to hair loss on the head only.
  • Finally, the market data provided for mental health is focused on services only, not drugs. While some reports were found on specific categories of drugs (e.g. depression and antipsychotic drugs), nothing was found in the initial research that gave the overall market size of the mental health drug industry.

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