Research Proposal

Meow Wolf

Early Findings


  • To obtain a company profile of Mew Wolf, including recent press about the company.
  • To obtain the biographies and backgrounds of various leaders within the organization, including Vince Kadlubek, Sean Di Lanni, Caity Kennedy, Matt King, Benji Geary, Emily Montoya, Corvas Brinkerhoff, and Drew Trujillo.
  • To obtain a company profile of the Museum of Ice Cream, the Wndr Museum, and Candytopia, including attendance, ticket sales, and social media reactions for each.
  • To obtain a list of existing Meow Wolf pop-ups throughout the United States.


  • Meow Wolf is an "arts and entertainment group based in Sante Fe, New Mexico." The company was established over 10 years ago, in 2008.
  • The company has more than 400 employees, each of whom works with a variety of artistic media, including sculpture, video, painting, photography, and others.
  • "Meow Wolf creates immersive and interactive experiences that transport audiences of all ages into fantastic realms of story and exploration. This includes art installations, video and music production, and extended reality content." The company has a combination of pop-up and permanent installations.
  • A number of recent articles written about Meow Wolf and their installations can be found on the company's Press page on their website.
  • Most recent articles about Meow Wolf focus on the fact that the company is facing lawsuits concerning discrimination and fair-pay violations.
  • Meow Wolf is focusing on installing permanent installations throughout the country, in cities such as Denver, Colorado; Las Vegas, Nevada; and Washington, DC.
  • The Museum of Ice Cream has locations in San Francisco and New York City, and is made up of a number of installations which are intended to fuel "the power of imagination and connection".
  • The museum opened three years ago, in 2016.
  • "Influenced by Maryellis’s childhood dream of jumping into a pool full of sprinkles, Museum of Ice Cream was born under the premise that ice cream is a universal symbol of joy, a personal pleasure, and a transportive vehicle for anyone’s imagination."
  • The Wndr Museum is located in Chicago, Illinois.
  • "Imagination is born in wonder. With this as a guiding principle, wndr’s immersive art activations inspire and delight through all the senses."
  • The museum is a compilation of thought-provoking art installations, with the idea of "wonder" as the guiding focus throughout.
  • The museum believes "that, in one way or another, we are all artists. Our mission is to help you tap into your own, unmatched creativity."
  • With locations in Atlanta, Dallas, and Houston, Candytopia was built on the premise of what would happen "if an eccentric chocolatier and a daredevil pop star had a whirlwind romance, got married while skydiving, and had a glamorous, glittering love child who grew up to rule a small nation".
  • Candytopia is a four-month installation which "celebrates the vibrant colors and flavors of our favorite sugary delights across over a dozen environments, from flying unicorn pigs to a marshmallow tsunami." The installation is interactive.
  • Tickets can be purchased on the Candytopia website.
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