Research Proposal

Coronavirus: Banking Market


Identify links, screengrabs, and insights into the messaging put out by top financ/banking brands to their customers in response to the coronavirus and current market conditions.

Early Findings

Top Banking/Finance Players Globally

JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Coronavirus Messaging Overview

  • The company has not released any formal press releases about the current market due to the coronavirus or about what they are doing because of the virus. However, they have been vocal in news media and other formats assuring employees and customers that they are doing what they can in response to the pandemic.
  • In addition, the company has released information about the market through news agencies and expressed their support. According to recent releases, small businesses are expected to take a hard hit during the remainder of the pandemic. The bank has stated that they have preparations in place for an event like this and are willing to help small businesses as much as possible. According to CNBC, JP Morgan Chase is keeping detailed information on programs that they are offering customers private for the time being.
  • Finally, the company has released a forecast for the United States and European markets stating that they expect both markets to be in full recession by July 2020.

Links To Press Releases And Public Statements

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