Research Proposal



To determine the annual revenue, over the air (OTA) reach, and cable distributor (MVPD) reach for MeTV, in order to help evaluate the company.

Early Findings

  • According to SensorTower, MeTv had 10,000 downloads worldwide in March 2020.
  • MeTV has more than 177 affiliates and has an overall reach of 96% of U.S. households. This data was not broken down by OTA and cable.
  • The company launched MeTVFM in 2015, which can be heard on 87.7 in Chicago. People in other parts of the country can use the MeTV Music app or to listen to the same music.
  • ZoomInfo estimates that MeTv's revenue is $14 million.
  • MeTV is owned by Weigel Broadcasting. ZoomInfo estimates that the revenue for Weigel is $257 million.
  • This source claims to provide a list of the MeTV affiliates. Unfortunately, it was giving a message that the site was down for maintenance. However, it is being included in case it becomes available. In lieu of that, this list from Wikivisually is being provided, although it has not been verified with a more reputable site.
  • There were no OTA affiliates in Connecticut or Vermont. All other states had at least one affiliate.
  • A report published by Nielsen in January 2019 reported that 16 million U.S. homes watched TV OTA, and did not have a cable or satellite subscription. This was about 14% of households.
  • MeTV's website does not offer any type of media packet on their website to help brands make decisions on advertising. If they did, it would likely contain data on viewership.
  • There are 210 designated market areas (DMAs) in the U.S. according to the affiliate list found, MeTV has 205 (these were counted) affiliates. Assuming that they did not have more than one affiliate per DMA, it can be estimated that MeTV is represented in 98% (205/210) of DMAs.
  • Since the MeTV website states that they have 177+ affiliates, doing the same calculation using that number provides and estimate of 85% (177/210).

Summary of Findings

  • While we were able to find the estimated revenue for MeTV, as well as some data on affiliates and the overall reach of the channel, there was no publicly available data breaking out the channel's reach by OTA and cable.
  • We do not believe that further research will uncover this specific data, or that it could be triangulated.

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