Research Outline

Mexico - Producers of Salt for Consumption

Early Findings


To discover the regions in Mexico that produce salt that is consumable. In addition, to create a list of companies that produce this salt along with contact information.

Early Findings:

Proposed Next Steps:

  • We conducted a search for Mexican companies, and the regions they are from, that produce salt for consumption. We found 4 companies which can be seen in the early findings section. We suggest that we provide a deeper dive of those companies, as well as look for 3 more (if there are any additional companies that produce consumable salt) and create a Google Spreadsheet that would include the company name, the region(s) they mine consumable salt in, the types of salt produced and the contact information at that company. (3 hours, $87.00).
  • Please note that we limited ourselves to only look at companies that produce salt, and not just sell it, as per the initial instructions.
  • To further get the exact contact information that would be useful, please let us know the job title or job description to include from these companies, as that will be helpful to our researchers.