Determine what 30 to 50-year-olds are looking for in a new product. Identify also case studies around innovative mezcal launches in the last five years. The information will be used to draft a strategy on how to creatively launch a new mezcal product.

Early Findings


  • Older millennials and Generation Xers are currently the ones under the 30 to 50 age range.
  • Forty-one percent of the millennials surveyed prefer to consume spirits due to the lesser calorie content.
  • Sixty percent of them prefer reduced-calorie beverages.
  • Millennials were found to go for healthier options.
  • Around 45% of millennials surveyed were found to be less concerned about the price and are willing to buy more pricey alcoholic beverages. They are also more inclined to try new brands.
  • These millennials have been found to maintain their alcohol consumption levels over a year.
  • In another survey, 75% of millennial respondents stated that they plan to shell out more money on wine purchases.
  • Around 65% of them also tend to be more adventurous as they prefer "rare and unusual wine."
  • Generation X drinkers were found to be the most loyal to their preferred alcoholic drink brands.
  • Generation Xers were found to continue to buy more expensive wine.
  • They also prefer more "established brands."

Proposed next steps:

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We found some statistics on the preferences of millennials and baby boomers with regard to expensive alcoholic beverages. We also found a case study from 2018 that shows how a mezcal brand was launched through a podcast. However, the availability of specific statistics on 30-50-year-olds who regularly purchase more than $130 worth of bottles of liquor are extremely limited. Based on the result of our early findings, we propose to continue with the research to focus more on finding 5-7 insights or statistics on the preferences of millennials and Gen Xers with regard to expensive wines in general. 2 We will also provide 5-7 case studies from the last five years of innovative mezcal liquor launches in the United States. If available, we will include any success metrics of these launches such as an increase in sales, positive reviews, or other similar measures. 2