Micro-Business Technology Needs


For micro-businesses in the UK, France, and Germany, determine their goals, successes, challenges, and priorities when it comes to technology for their businesses. Additionally, determine where they go to find information about technology and what types of information they are looking for.

Early Findings

  • Across Europe, more than 40% of SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) "don't take advantage of opportunities in digitialisation."
  • While data specific to technology adoption in micro-businesses was unable to be found, we were able to locate plenty of information on technology adoption for SMEs. As 93% of all European enterprises are micro-businesses, it is logical that information on SMEs could be utilized as a proxy for micro-businesses.


  • Many SMEs are looking to invest in cloud computing, customer relationship management software (CRM), and e-commerce.


  • One success for SMEs in adopting new technologies is that it is generally faster and cheaper for an SME than a large business.
  • In the UK, of SME decision-makers, 70% said "they felt their business had a clear understanding of its technology capabilities."


  • One challenge in utilizing or choosing technologies for their businesses, reported by 77% of SMEs, is the lack of digital skills
  • Another challenge is the lack of ability to forecast the ROI of the technology, leading to hesitancy in adoption.

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