Technologies Focused on Microdosing Assistance


To compile a list of digital technologies (such as apps, chatbots, and web tech) that help with microdosing, especially CBD and THC products.

Early Findings

  • Registered nurse and medical cannabis expert Eileen Konieczny, in her book, ‘Healing with CBD’, recommends starting with a microdose of 10 milligrams. After a few days or a week at this level, she suggests gradual increment in the dose by 5 to 10 milligrams at a time.
  • Konieczny and others recommend this process of slowly raising the dose while keeping notes on symptoms. Apps that can help with symptom tracking are Strainprint and Releaf.
  • Strainprint positions itself as a ‘personal cannabis tracking app’.
  • Patients can use Strainprint to select symptoms that one wants to treat, create a product library of the products owned and track the usage.
  • The app Releaf claims to empower their users to detail what cannabis they’re trying, track their own successes with specific treatment methods, and share their results so that doctors and patients alike may learn and benefit from their journey—all while maintaining each individual’s privacy.
  • CBD+me is an app that allows the consumer to track his/her wellness journey as the app records the effects of canna-based products, informing the consumer to make better buying and use decisions.
  • CBD+me’s personal tracking experiences provide the consumer with insight on gauging how the mind and body are responding to the CBD products.
  • The app helps to set up a profile and goals for the consumer,find products and get started on measuring their effects.

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