Research Proposal

Microsoft Teams


The goal is to find companies that use Microsoft Teams and determine why they use it, what other apps they use in conjunction with Teams, and what their perception of Dropbox is.

Early Findings

  • Over 500,000 companies use Microsoft Teams and 91% of Fortune 100 companies use it as well.
  • Air France uses Microsoft Teams in place of traditional radios to communicate with employees out on the runway and around the offices.
  • Helsinki University, located in Finland, uses Teams in combination with Microsoft OneNote. Teachers use it to easily share class materials with students and store materials for easy access to where they left off after each lesson.
  • Consulting firm Think Up uses Teams to manage all of their activity between employees, share calendars, and integrate third-party apps such as MindMeister, an app that captures ideas on a visual space.
  • Goodyear tire manufacturer combines Microsoft Teams with other Office products and Skype to conduct meetings while sharing documents and presentations. They also use these features to be able to edit documents in real-time while on conference calls.
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