Research Outline

Gen X


Provide a psychographic profile of Gen X, including information on where they spend time on the Internet, their interests, hobbies, what they read, and where they go on vacation, in order to understand this demographic of wine buyers

Early Findings

  • Many grew up in households where both parents were working and were the first "latchkey" kids or were part of a divorced household.
  • Significant events witnessed by this generation include the beginning of ATMs, the dot-com boom, cell phones becoming popular, and internet becoming a part of daily life.
  • They are considered a 'work hard, play hard' generation who had a high work ethic, and many are now at the peak of their careers.
  • While Gen Xers struggle with debt, the majority of GenXer are homeowners, and they may even become the wealthiest generation in the coming years.
  • Around 50% of Gen Xers financially support both a parent and a child.
  • They use social media often, and are likely to engage with advertising on Facebook the most. They check email often, across many devices.
  • 81% have Facebook accounts, which they use mostly to read news and keep up with and share information on their kids' activities, rather than self promote.
  • Shopping is a key hobby of this demographic, with their big purchases likely related to the home, and at stores like Home Depot or Pottery Barn. 82% own their own homes.
  • They spend more than any other generation on trips (an average of $627 per day) and are more likely to go to high priceprice locations and take short weekend trips.