Mileage Tracking Apps User Demographics


Obtain the demographic profiles of users of each of the apps provided (Hurdlr, Everlance, Quickbooks, Driversnote, Stride, and Sherpashare). The demographic characteristics should include the age, gender, education, income, and the marital status of the app users.

Early Findings

Finance App Demographics

  • Across countries, educated males are the ones primarily using finance apps.
  • Millennials are likely to download new fintech apps if they find them easy to use and access.
  • Millennials are also accessing fintech apps on their mobile phones more.

Summary of Findings:

Our one hour of research did not yield any specific demographic profile aspects of any of the apps listed.
Instead, we presented some of the demographic profile aspects of users of finance apps in general as these apps were categorized as finance apps.

Research proposal:

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