Milk Carton/Tetra Packs Recycling


To find out insights that help determine how readily recyclable milk carton/tetra packs are and how widely they are recycled in the United Kingdom, United States and Australia.

Early Findings

  • As research suggests, most aluminum, glass, paper, and plastic can be recycled.
  • Apart from milk cartons, soup, juice, wine, broth, and other food and beverage cartons stocked on shelves and refrigerated sections of any departmental or grocery store can also be recycled.
  • This is because milk cartons are primarily made of paper.
  • According to the data published by, an average shelf-stable milk carton contains 74 percent paper, 22 percent plastic, and 4 percent aluminum.
  • An average refrigerated milk carton contains 80 percent paper and 20 percent plastic to hold in the liquid.
  • As studies suggest, 62.8 percent of communities across the United States currently have facilities for processing cartons.
  • Moreover, Carton Council of North America’s survey suggests 92 percent of consumers expect their food packaging to be recycled.
  • Names of some top responsible carton manufacturers as revealed in the carton council’s study are as follows: Tetra Pak, Elopak, SIG Combibloc, and Evergreen Packaging.
  • The United Kingdom’s only beverage carton recycling facility was opened in Stainland, near Halifax, West Yorkshire in September 2013.
  • The facility can recycle up to 40 percent (25,000 tonnes) of the cartons manufactured in the UK market each year.
  • As far as the prevalence of milk carton recycling in Australia is concerned, 97 percent of Australians live in areas where non-foil-lined containers are accepted for kerbside recycling and 76 percent live in areas where foil-lined containers are accepted.
  • Moreover, flavored milk cartons under the size of 1 liter, including both long-life and regular cartons, are accepted for recycling in Australian states that have container deposit schemes (CDS).

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