Canadian Millennials - Health and Wellbeing


To find information on how millennials in Canada create and maintain their health and well-being goals and the challenges they face in respect to creating and maintaining their health and well-being goals.

Early Findings

  • Health and wellness continues to evolve in Canada resulting in the creation of more demand for healthy products and services in food & beverages and in OTC.
  • According to a survey of 1,000 Canadian adults, the top 3 actions taken by Canadians towards health and wellness are eating healthy - 82%, exercise - 73%, and visiting a medical professional - 65%. The next three actions taken are reducing/avoiding stress - 63%, taking vitamins/supplements - 60%, and taking prescription medicine - 59%.
  • According to the above survey, millenials rated many of the actions higher than the other age segments including "researching health information, monitoring sleep habits, buying health insurance, and visiting a health and wellness professional."
  • The most important products/services to the health and wellness of Canadians is food - 89%. Other notable products and services are health insurance - 69%, mattress and bedding - 68%, prescription medicine - 61%, and beverages - 52%.
  • Millennials in Canada rated beverages and health & beauty products higher than other age segments.
  • In Canada, a growing workforce of millennials comes with its own benefits agenda. These benefits include psychological counselling and health-tracking programs like weight-loss, smoking cessation, & blood pressure.
  • Additionally, millennials want more flexibility in the health and wellness benefits on offer by employers i.e. 49% of millennials in Canada cited this in a recend survey.

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