Research Outline

Millennial Investing Post-Covid - Thailand


To assess the impact COVID-19 is having on local investor attitudes and behaviors to investing and investments in Thailand, especially as it pertains to millennials in the region.

Early Findings

General Insights Surrounding Thai Millennials and Investing

Private Investment Index

As it applies to the whole population, not just millennials, monthly Private Investment Index data from the Bank of Thailand is provided below for March through November 2020 to provide some indicators on the effects of COVID-19 on investing in the region.

Property Investing Post-COVID

  • Foreign buyers have pulled out of potential property deals in Thailand, "COVID-19 has prompted these buyers to withdraw their purchase despite losing their deposit. The absence of the Chinese will inevitably have a significant impact on our country’s property market."
  • The pandemic's impact on working from home is expected be seen in the property market as well. "Looking to the long term, buyers and tenants are expected to strive for their homes to have sufficient space and within that, personal space. Working, relaxing, eating, sleeping, and even exercising in one area can be taxing on the healthiest of minds."

Additional Findings

Notes on Research

For purposes of this project, millennials has been defined as those born between approximately 1981 and 1997 and in the age rage of 24-40. Please be aware that not all sources may define millennials by the same terms, and as such research will attempt to provide as close to the age rage as described above as possible.


The time constraints of the discovery portion of research allowed for initial review to establish viability of continued research. As such, it is suggested that if further research is desired, that some adjustments to overall goals be made. No data was uncovered that directly speaks to changes in investment habits of investors, specifically millennials, post-COVID.

It is suggested, then, that an overview and outlook for the Thai investment market be provided by collecting data from experts and that investment trends in Thailand (for all generations, but highlighting millennials when/if possible) be provided.

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