Millennial Men Health Perspectives


Determine statistics with regard to the health and probiotics use of men who are 30-36 years old. The information will be used to prepare a presentation deck.

Early Findings

Men who are between 30 to 36 years old belong to the millennial generation. Given that the statistics found focus on the standard generation groups rather than specific ages, the following insights and statistics cover the millennial generation in general:


  • Millennials in general are found to be "living at about 95% of their optimal health."
  • However, older millennials who are between the age of 34 to 36 have "higher prevalence rates for almost all of the top ten conditions" as compared to "Generation X members when they were in the same age range."
  • Furthermore, millennials are now experiencing health concerns at younger ages compared to the older generations.
  • Based on a survey, 83% of millennials felt that their health is satisfactory.
  • Around 68% of millennials were found to have a primary care physician (PCP).
  • Major depression has the highest prevalence rate among millennials at 5 per 100 people.
  • For millennials age 34 to 36, the group has a higher prevalence rate (5.6/100) for major depression compared to Generation X (4.7/100).
  • Millennials comprised the highest percentage in a survey that consider eating right(24%) and exercising (22%) as healthy habits.



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