Millennial Men Perspectives


Determine statistics with regard to the opinions and attitudes of men who are 30-36 years old around sex and relationships, religion, social causes, and politics. The information will be used to prepare a presentation deck.

Early Findings

Men who are between 30 to 36 years old belong to the millennial generation. Given that the research found on the attributes of generations focus on the standard generation groups rather than specific ages, the following insights and statistics cover the millennial generation in general:


  • Based on a Pew Social Trends research, 29% of millennials approve of Trump's performance of his presidential role.
  • Sixty-four percent of millennials stated that the government should act more to address the country's problems.
  • Majority of millennials also agree to the merits of an increasing number of women who are aspiring for political roles.
  • Majority of millennials feel that legal immigrants are good for the country.


  • Millennials also tend to agree that African Americans receive less than fair treatment compared to whites.
  • They also tend to be more amenable with NFL players who knelt when the national anthem played to signify their protest.
  • Sixty-one percent agree that an increase in racial or ethnic diversity is favorable for the country.
  • Around 25% of millennials are more aware of gender-neutral pronouns.
  • Around half of the millennials stated that the community should be more open to LGBTQs.
  • Approximately half of millennials are less inclined to say that being informed about current events through social media is not good for the community.


  • Around 47% of millennials said that marriage between same-sex partners as well as interracial marriages is favorable for the community.
  • Sixty-five percent of millennials are neutral on the issue of couples who are living together out of wedlock.
  • Forty-eight percent of millennials are neutral on the issue of single women who are raising kids on their own.


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