Research Proposal

News for Millennial Moms


To provide recommendations for a new marketing proposal for a new dairy product by researching where Millennial moms (25-49 with 1-2 kids) get their news from (newspapers, online, broadcast/TV media, radio, social media), with a focus on the northwestern part of the U.S. (Seattle, Portland, Boise, Salt Lake City).

Early Findings

  • 83% of new moms are Millennials.
  • Nielsen conducted a study on Millennial moms. It found that Millennial moms embrace their local markets.
  • 33% of Millennial moms get their news from online sources. 10% said social media is a good source for local information. The study found that 38% of Millennial moms watch local morning news, 37% watch local evening news, and 31% watch local late news.
  • Portland, Oregon, was ranked in top 10 local markets by Nielsen for Millennial moms at 32%.
  • Millennial moms are also extremely mobile with 53% using their smartphone for social networking.
  • These moms spend over 8 hours online researching parenting advice and products. They turn to social media for other recommendations from mothers with 46% of them relying upon recommendations.
  • 55% of Millennial moms are involved in all family purchases.
  • 1 in 5 Millennial moms have blogs with large followings.
  • 97% of a 1,000 person Millennial parent survey said social media influenced their parenting and nearly half said they used social media once a day for advice.
  • The average Millennial mom provides advice on a product 9.6 times a month. Millennial moms rely upon online communities for news and product reviews. The top 4 products they review and recommend to each other are clothing, retail stores, groceries/beverages, and electronic devices.
  • 92% of moms use social media for emotional and practical reasons. Social media creates a way to communicate with friends, get school updates, details on extracurricular activities, parenting advice, and product reviews.
  • According to CheeseMarketNews, Influenster conducted a survey of Millennial moms and found that 9 out of 10 moms prepare healthy lunches for their children and 88% prioritize nutrition when purchasing. Dairy products ranked high among health food choices with yogurt (87%) and cheese (82%) being top packaged foods they choose.
  • The American Press Institute conducted a study that looked at Millennials and how they consume news. 85% of Millennials said staying up on news is important. Millennials are more likely to be drawn to news that has been recommended by friends or they have seen on social media.

Summary of Initial Research

  • We were able to find a large amount of information regarding how Millennial moms get their news. The information we were able to find was not region specific (i.e., northwest), but was general. We were able to find one piece of information regarding Portland, Oregon, and Millennial moms.
  • We included some additional information regarding Millennials as a whole to gain a little insight into how this generation as a whole views and consumes news.
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