Millennial Parents - Psychographics


To build a psychographic profile for millennial parents in the United States including how they are raising their kids and their values regarding parenting.

Early Findings

Millennial Moms vs. Millennial Dads

  • Millennial moms have the thought that they must “do it all” based on "what they encounter online and the multiple roles they play in today’s fast-paced society."
  • BabyCenter found that 80% of millennial moms said that it’s very important for them to be the perfect mom, this is higher than both gen X and boomer mothers.
  • "Millennial dads are feeling the pressure to move past the traditional father figure role and take on responsibilities that were typically assumed by women in generations past." Thus, nearly 21% of them are stay-at-home caregivers.
  • Crowdtap found that about 97% of millennial moms and 93% of millennial dads find "social media “somewhat” to “extremely” helpful to their parenting."

Overprotective Parents

  • Today-parents are more protective in comparison to past-parenting. About 62% of American parents are sometimes overprotective, "and this is particularly the case among millennial mothers."
  • Seven-in-ten millennial moms say they are overprotective, compared with 60% of Generation X moms and 54% of Boomer moms.
  • Millennial Moms are worried about "bullying, child rape, and kidnappings."
  • "They are becoming increasingly aware and scared about the effects of technology and social media on a child’s safety and mental well-being, and it might cause them to be increasingly cautious and vigilant."

More Intimate Relation With Children

  • Millennial parents have "a more intimate, less hierarchical role with their children than parents of previous generations."
  • They say that they want an honest and open dialogue with their kids.
  • Nearly 8 out of 10 millennial parents said that their kid is one of their best friends.
  • About 74% of millennial parents have their children involved in household decisions.

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