Millennial Parents Wellness Psychographics


Determine millennial parents' attitudes towards health and fitness. The information will be used to understand this age segment's health and fitness preferences.

Early Findings

  • Around 25% of millennials in the US are parents.
  • As more millennials become parents, they are expected to prefer more organic products.
  • Millennial parents also refer to online sources to know more about new products such as product reviews, blogs, and mobile apps.
  • They also prefer smartphones over other devices when accessing their favorite online sites.
  • Millennial parents (37%) also tend to buy meal kits compared to older parents (27%).
  • Technology is seen to evolve to rise to the needs of the most digitally-driven generation of parents, the millennials.
  • Apps and websites are observed to be the typical go-to choice of millennial parents who are looking for information.
  • Millennial parents are spending around $10,000 annually or around 12% of their average income on childcare expenses.
  • They also prioritize expenses that are associated with healthcare and healthy consumption.
  • Around 56% of the millennial parents' incomes are allotted for healthcare costs while 48% are set aside for healthy eating spending.
  • Based on a survey from impossible foods, 72% of millennial parents consume greater amount of plant-based meat substitutes compared to those without children.


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