Research Outline

Company Analysis- Torch, BetterUp, Hone, and LifeLabs


To analyze Torch, BetterUp, Hone, and LifeLabs companies, and provide for each company, the mission statement, the key marketing messaging or tag lines, company values and beliefs, and the services they provide.

Early Findings


  • The Torch company is headquartered at 100 Bush Street, Suite 780, San Francisco, CA 94104.

Company Values

  • Its company values/beliefs include being "radically driven, be deeply empathetic, be accountable for yourself and others, be self-aware continous learners, be always present, and to be courageous "


The services provided include;
  • Leadership Coaching; Torch provides virtual, high-touch human development coaching, which is done by professionals. The coach-matching surveys pair the client with a professional coach. The client takes an assessment that rates them across three primary leadership domains. The client does a self-review and gets a peer review as well. Torch also provides a way to "track leadership development" progress and ROI.
  • Mentoring; Mentoring is done virtually by experienced operating leaders. The clients undergo an initial assessment that helps them identify their professional development goals. Then the mentor-matching survey pairs the clients with experienced mentors. The client is provided with a way to track their progress, and feedback is provided along the way as they work towards achieving their set development goals.
  • Digital learning; Torch enables one to create personalized learning programs with the provided tools and collaboration. There are dynamic curriculums that utilize existing content, templates, and assessments. Torch offers multimedia resources like articles, videos, quizzes, and surveys to learn. Learners get to interact with the community one-on-one or group conversations and also use collaborative tools like Zoom, Slack, and Google calendar as they learn.

Mission Statement

  • To provide an integrated platform for learning and development leaders to manage, deliver, and measure employee growth at scale.

Key marketing messaging or tag lines

Research Summary

The first hour of research involved outlining the project to determine if the requested information is publicly available. We managed to provide data on one of the companies, Torch. We were not able to give information on BetterUp, Hone, and LifeLabs due to time constraints.