Research Proposal

Mobile App Developers: Addiction Treatment Centers


To obtain information for 3-7 companies that provide mobile app solutions (developers) for healthcare providers - specifically, addiction treatment centers.

Early Findings


  • Technology is increasingly playing a greater role across various industries. App developers have ventured into healthcare and disrupted it! Addiction rehab centers have a great resource in mobile applications. These apps take the patient through a process that guides them through the various healing activities.
  • One app that is effective here is ‘mHeath,’ short for mobile health. These apps are designed by clinical researchers who have a broader understanding of the topic and the patient's journey. The programs designed here aim at curbing one's addiction by relying on scientific evidence.

Healthcare App Developers

  • Our research into app developers for addiction centers was not readily available. We believe that this information may be a part of the healthcare industry. For this reason, we have provided a brief description of some developers.
  • Mobiweb Technologies

    • This company offers several services, including mobile app development. By adopting the most innovative solutions, healthcare institutions can provide the most advanced services to their patients and staff.
    • This company implements mobile application, blockchain, AI, IoT, among others and it is considered an expert in medical app development, healthcare CRM, patient engagement apps, among others.

    Visvero Inc

    Dogtown Media

    • This company aims to have a positive impact by providing life-saving mobile solutions to this industry. By incorporating insights from healthcare leaders and providers, this company has managed to improve the efficiency and optimize the functionality of its solutions.

Summary of our Early Findings

  • In our first hour of research, we were able to provide an overview and identify app developers that are in the healthcare industry. As stated earlier, we were unable to find sources that identify developers specific to treatment centers.
  • For this reason, we expanded our scope and provided insights into developers in the healthcare industry. Although our findings highlight three developers, our research has revealed that there are additional developers, and that we can provide up to seven developers, as requested.
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