Mobile-Centric Entrepreneurs


To understand consumer behavior on purchasing and using telecom products for mobile-centric entrepreneurs, their spending patterns, the solutions they look for, etc. in order to fuel an idation session on new products/services for a major telco company.

Early Findings

  • Convincing telco providers to share their data for advertising purposes is tough business, said Dirk Freytag, a board member of Zeotap, which is a startup that helps turn carriers' subscriber info into mobile ad dollars.
  • "Zeotap has partnerships with six telcos in India, Europe and North America that represent a total of more than 100 million subscribers."
  • Even then, the global market for telco data as a service could be worth as much as $79 billion by 2020.
  • Mercedes, with the help of Zeotap, "targeted two groups, individuals between the ages of 40 and 60 who spent 100 euros or more on their mobile bill each month, or those who spent 100 euros or more and paid for more than one mobile line, in order to reach likely business entrepreneurs or people with families."
  • This suggests that business entrepreneurs spend 100 euros or more and pay for more than one mobile line.
  • Entrepreneurs are defined, by BCSG, as "young, ambitious, and trendy go-getters who capture the imagination of the public and marketers alike", however, if solopreneurs and freelancers are taken out of the equation, the average age of an entrepreneur turned out to be 47.

Proposed next steps:

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