Mobile Engagement Trends and Data


To understand current engagement trends and the demand for a mobile-only loyalty and payment solution in the U.S. for the purposes of analyzing the market for such a product.

Early Findings

Preliminary research shows that statistics for most priority questions are available. However, some are not available in the time frame desired (three months for the engagement rate with retailer s


  • According to the Pew Research Center, 81% of Americans have a smartphone, up from 35% in 2011 and up from 77% in 2018.
  • Between 2019 and 2021, the number of smartphone users in the U.S. is expected to grow from 3.275 billion to 3,763 billion, representing a CAGR of 4.93%.


  • According to the 2019 Mobile Benchmarks by App Category report, the interaction rate with the average retail app is 22% and the average response rate is 90%.
  • This data is not available for the last three months.
  • Retail apps experience a 68% churn rate after three months compared with the overall app churn rate of 71% after three months.


  • Currently, less than 10% of Americans have adopted mobile payments.
  • Apple Pay has the highest adoption rate in the U.S. at just 9%.
  • PayPal's Venmo has the second-highest adoption rate in the U.S. at 7%.
  • Zelle and Google each have an adoption rate of 6% in the U.S.


  • According to Statista, only 15.4% of mobile payments are made by online wallets such as Paypal or Google Wallet.
  • Only 4.2% of mobile payments use carrier billing.
  • Apple Pay is the most popular in-store mobile wallet, used by 40% of mobile wallet users.
  • Paypal is the second-most popular in-store mobile wallet, used by 37% of mobile wallet users.
  • The Starbucks app is the third-most popular in-store mobile wallet, used by 24% of mobile wallet users.
  • Lagging behind these wallets are Android Pay (14%), Masterpass by Mastercard (12%), Chase Pay (11%), Walmart Pay (11%), Wells Fargo Wallet (11%), Samsung Pay (10%), Visa payWave (9%), and Microsoft Wallet (2%).


  • As of late 2018, 50% of all retailers in the U.S. accept Apple Pay.
  • Apple Pay is the form of mobile payment accepted most widely, but Masterpass by Mastercard is close behind, as it is accepted at 45% of U.S. retailers.
  • Tied for third place are Visa Checkout and Mobile POS Payments, which are each accepted at 43% of U.S. retailers.
  • Paypal is accepted at 36% of retailers, Google Pay at 34%, Chase Pay at 28%, retailer branded wallets at 25%, and Samsung Pay NFC at 20%.
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