Mobile Healthcare Names


To better understand naming practices for mobile healthcare, including how the services can be communicated to consumers through the name of the mobile service.

Early Findings

  • The Mobile Healthcare Association provides a complete listing of their membership. This could be a possible path to research names.
  • The best practices for naming a healthcare practice include daring to be different, and examining the practice from the patient's perspective and coming up with a name that not only states what is offered, but will appeal to the patient.
  • The Practice Builders offers many tips for growing a new practice and attracting new patients.
  • Some best practices for naming a medical business include making the name easy to say, hear, spell, and remember, along with making the name appealing.
  • Medical practice names can draw analogies that show what the practice offers.
  • The name should share the vision of the practice.
  • Modern Medicine shares many best practices for naming a healthcare facility, some of which are understanding legal implications, the target audience, competition, the tagline that goes with the name, and present and future uses of the name.

Research proposal:

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