Research Proposal

Mobile Operators Competitive Landscape


The goal is to have a complete overview of MNO and MVNOs in Tunisia, Bahrain, Algeria, Egypt, Kuwait. The focus is on recent launches of new mobile brands, market shares, and any other interesting points of these different mobile operators.

Early Findings



  • Egypt has one of the largest mobile telecom markets in Africa with a penetration rate of 105%.
  • Egypt has four MNOs: Vodafone Egypt, Orange Egypt, Etisalat Misr, and WE (Telecom Egypt).
  • "As of November 2017 and excluding recently launched WE, Vodafone Egypt led the mobile segment with 44m subscribers and a market share of 43.7%, according to Beltone Financial. It was followed by Orange Egypt with 33.5m subscribers and a 33.3% market share, and Etislalat Misr with 23.2m subscribers and a 23% share."
  • Vodaphone Egypt has led market share in Egypt since 2010.
  • MVNO licenses can be issued, but there are not currently any MVNO's operating in Egypt.




Proprietary Research Available

Bolster your final deliverable with proprietary research from Paul Budde Communication Pty Ltd for an additional $3,000. This research was completed in May 2019 and includes mobile operator statistics and analysis for Tunisia, Egypt, and Algeria. Additional research by the same research group on Kuwait is available for an additional $750.
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