Mobile Storage Carts


To gain an understanding of the type of mobile cart most used in the corporate office workplace, and what it's purposes and key uses are, in order to design a new furniture cart for office settings

Early Findings

  • Mobile cart demand in offices is likely to be driven by workplace trends such as open-plan and flexible offices, which often require movable furniture, and mobile carts often double as standing desk spaces.
  • It's also noted that employers are using smaller, collaborative workspaces with less floor area, and few dedicated desks, so mobile carts may be used for space preservation, and holding items in drawers that may have previously been kept at a personal desk.
  • Mobile workstations are often equipped with similar features to a laptop stand, and often designed to hold computers, and offering outlets for screens, printers, projectors, or other electronics.
  • Rolling mobile carts often are meant to provide an all-in-one cost-efficient replacement for cubicle furniture, that offers enough mobility to maximize the efficiency of limited office layouts.
  • Mobile carts that can double as tables or desks when classroom training or large meetings occur allow for flexibility in small workspaces.
  • Mobile carts that offer features that allow them to be used for stand up presenting, and feature ergonomic design for standing work are useful given the growing awareness of how sitting all day in the office is often detrimental to health.
  • Mobile carts are specifically noted to be useful within healthcare offices, where staff offices are often adjacent to care space, and offices are often shared between physicians, administrative staff, and areas where supplies are stored.
  • Mobile carts that offer security features for privacy compliance, such as key lock storage allow for use in a wide range of office settings, including medical offices where HIPAA privacy regulations must be met.
  • Mobile solutions that are environmentally friendly are likely to be popular, as its projected that greener solutions in office furniture will trend in coming years.

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