Foods that States are Known For


To build a list of locally grown/produced food stuffs that are currently attributed to American states.

Early Findings

  • A list of foods each state is known for has been presented in the attached spreadsheet.
  • This research was conducted by examining things such as the official foods of various states and the most produced foods in each state.
  • Additional research can be conducted to discover more popular foods from each state.

Proposed next steps:

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We propose additional research to discover 3-5 additional foods that each state is known for. No hard data or explanations will be included. Instead, our team will simply add to the list of foods already presented in the attached spreadsheet and include a link to the source. This research will provide 3-5 additional food items for each state.
Alternatively, we can compile a list of hard data that shows the most popular foods produced in each state. In doing so, we can provide 3-5 pieces of hard data for each state that shows the top foods being produced there. This can be for any type of food (fruit, vegetables, dairy, meats, processed foods, prepared foods etc).